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Meet Our Team


James Metcalf


Chief Financial Officer
Daniel Fowler


Chief Operations Officer

Seth Domazet


Chief Executives Manager

Branch Managers

Pano Arvanitis

Branch Manager New Buffalo, MI

Chad Talpas

Branch Manager Indianapolis, Indiana (North)

Kevin White

Branch Manager Chicago, IL

David Hutter

Branch Manager Frankfort, IL

Megan Vondielingen

Branch Manager Indianapolis, IN (South)

Jesse Alvarez

Branch Manager

Loan Officers

Toni Skog-Chitwood

Loan Officer

Steve Sikanovski

Loan Officer

Christopher Taube

Loan Officer

Terri Schmidt

Loan Officer

Cassie Alvarez

Loan Officer

Thomas Counsell

Loan Officer

Sean Doyle

Loan Officer

Gilbert Martinez

Loan Officer

Robert Metcalf

Loan Officer

Daniel O’Neill

Loan Officer

George Opyt

Loan Officer

Harvey Peddle

Loan Officer

George Scheffer

Loan Officer

Megan Talpas

Loan Officer

Andrew Trella

Loan Officer

Rachel Webber

Loan Officer

Rich Whitlow

Loan Officer

Sheryl Owens

Loan Officer

Ortwin Jones

Loan Officer


Kelly Ellrich

Operations Manager / Partner

Nisha Yadav

Loan Officer / Mortgage Processor

IHCDA Specialist
Jaimmie Zajicek

Closing Manager


Mortgage Processor

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